So today was CD2. Yay!

I quick recap of the situation;

We saw Dr J about six weeks ago in the interests of getting checked out so I can do my DE cycle early 2009. He needed me to have AMH, FSH, E2 and prolactin bloods aswell as a CD2 scan to see if my corpeus luteum was gone.

So my scan revaels that everything is A-okay. No cysts, lining looks good. As I suspected ‘it’ was just an ovulation cyst. And now I wait for my results. I have to do day 3 tests tomorrow morning, but I am especially interested in today’s test results. I have never had my AMH tested and I will be fascinated to see the results. I will be surprised if my FSH is under ten. Lets see what hapens with the AMH.

My doc says that if my AMH is okay we can maybe do an IUI with my own eggs. I am not totally convinced. But miracles do happen. So as soon as I know…….you will know.