Ok – so I have been tagged.

I really have struggled with this and it is wierd because I keep thinking that there must be loads of moments. Here are some of the ones I remember.

Remember the days when you were young enough to go clubbing. I actually miss those days so much. I used to dance all night. We had so much fun. So, I was in college and a group of friends decided we were going to BUMP. Does anyone remember BUMP. …….Anyway, I had purchased a beautiful dress that I was dying to wear. It was kinda lacey and pretty and I had never really got the opportunity to wear it. But tonight my friends ….. was the night. Of course it was white so only white undergarments were required. It was also quite figure hugging so a g-string was required. So off we go. On walking in and going to get our first drink we all noticed that we were recieving lots of stares, and before long realised that it was because my undergarments were glowing….yes ……..GLOWING. Under the strobe light people……GLOWING. G-string and all. The rest of the evening was….urm interesting as noone was gonna take me home to change now were they. So here’s to moment number one.

Now let me take you back to nursery school. I was always a good child..really I was. And I honestly always had good intentions….really. So imagine how happy I was when I found my mom’s lipstick in my school bag. Ah ha I thought. How fun would it be to paint my friends faces like a clown with the lipstick. I mean it would make everyone smile, won’t it. Yes well it did everyone but the teachers and the parents when they picked up thier ‘lipsticked’ children. My mom was more embarassed than me I think. I really though I was doing a good thing.

Here are a few shorter ones.Have you ever…..

Asked “So which one of them is Fran Ferdinand?”

On inspection of a rubber plant “Oh it looks so real” (For those of you who don’t know a rubber plant is a real plant)

On bowling…ever gone with the bowling ball down the aisle. The bowling ball just stuck to my fingers.