Right so I have been thinking about this quite a lot lately and Sharon has inspired me to write about it. She has done so well with her goals and her health of late. I really am inspired. And by the way I am still thinking about that embarassing moment I have to write about. I am a bit stuck at the moment.

This is the problem…..

December 2005
December 2005


July 2008
July 2008
What you see here is ten kilos of difference. And I myself am totally disgusted. The disgust come from the fact that I have let it become so out of control. I have been wondering lately……Why? Maybe……
Excuses Excuses!: I know what happens. I eat enough to maintain my weight. And then I go on a trip away and eat tons of hotel food, returning a good two kilos bigger. And then do nothing about it. So my weight is then maintained again. Every year I promise myself that this is going to be my ‘thin year’ and then I never get around to doing it.
“I’ll start next week”
“I’m too stressed at the moment”
Blah blah blah blah blah!
Setting myself up for failure: So everytime I plan to do something I set really strict goals. Like…….Must do six hours of exercise per week, no alcolohol, no fat, no coffee, no smoking, no carbs. So by the time I have skipped an exercise day, smoked a few cigs, and drank my three morning cups of coffee and polished off a bottle of wine…..I’m like……NEXT WEEK.
So I don’t know….but one thing is for sure. I am feeling terrible. Tired, and very unhealthy. So the plan is. I am going to book a session with Ann Till and associates AND I am starting an adult Hip Hop dancing class next week. Lets see now.