I feel burnt out. NOOOOOO!

I confirmed it this morning when I got out of bed and STILL felt like I needed a days worth of sleep. This is after having three early nights. Come on body co-operate with me please. In addition I have reallt sore shoulders, no energy, and my head feels flu-like.

This is the result of a rigourous recruitment campaign followed by jam-packed weekends. I need some peace and quiet!!!! AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!

I blame the recruitement campaign. Day after day interviewing one person after the other…..blaghblaghblagh. Some of them are fun….but my goodness are some horrific. I think I have heard the wierdest things EVER! Wierd as in …………………….Would you say this to someone who is trying to find you a job.

On provinding customer service……

“I really hate it when people don’t appreciate me serving them. I mean I am helping them out you know!”

” A customer once told me that my cocktails were so good that she wanted to take me straight to her bed”

“I left that job because I was arrested and the reason I was arrested is because nobody likes me”

Till later readers…..I’m tired.