It’s my darling dearest husband’s 33 birthday tomorrow. So I thought I would dedicate this post to the ever faithful husband of an infertile. In this case mine…..

The husband of an infertile has to have a lot of understanding and patience. And as we all know most of them have oodles of it. They are special and become our rock in the darkest and lightest of infertile times. Here’s what is required (and here’s to you my love – he’s all that!).


A man to support and understand crazy infertile woman on a long long road to success!!!

Must have,

  • A sense of humor when asked to do it in a cup. Especially when interupted by a knock on the door while “doing the business” in a fertility clinic.
  • Patience, while having to learn more about the female reproductive system than most woman do… order to understand the intricacies of endo and IVF.
  • Understanding, when your loving wife wakes you up at 2am in the morning because she is having a BIG-FAT- UGLY-I-CAN’T-HAVE- A- BABY-CRY.
  • A cool head, when once again she is ranting and raving about how people don’t understand.
  • A steady hand, for all those injections in the butt and tummy.
  • An ability to understand the gamble – If Arsenal wins this match….the IVF has definately worked! LOL! 
  • Strength, enough to let her lean on you …. but little enough to let her know you feel the same hurt.

I love you so my dearest dearest husband. 2009 is our year.

You’re the best.